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5/8 In. Female Brass Shank Mender

part # 58114N

Replace the faucet-end (female) of a 5/8 In. hose with this heavy-duty brass hose

Price: $2.49

Fake Product – CIE Digital TEST

part # ciedigital123

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Donec eu hendrerit leo, … Read More

Price: $0.01

Rear Trigger Nozzle Dual Pack

part # 56463W

The multi-pattern nozzle offers 7 spray patterns; from a gentle spray for gardens to a powerful jet spray. The adjustable nozzle is fully adjustable and will spray from a fine mist for watering delicate plants to a jet spray. The … Read More

Price: $14.99

12″ Pop-up Sprinkler with Brass Adjustable Nozzle

part # 54045

Orbit’s Spring Loaded Pop Up offers an extensive line of innovative spray heads for turf and shrub applications. Ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes, the 5400 series handles the most intricately designed, high maintenance areas with ease. The 5400 series is easy to adjust even when the water is on. The adjustable pattern nozzle allows you to place water exactly where you want, keeping it off sidewalks, buildings and driveways. The 5400 series offers a molded, pressure activated wiper seal that stops excessive flow-by and cleans the stem upon completion of watering. The factory installed dual-port flush plug provides for easy clean out and easy access to nozzle installation. The 5400 series body attaches to a 1/2 in. pipe thread riser for easy installation. The riser stem female-threaded nozzles are compatible with most brands.

Price: $13.49

Brass Goose-Neck Valve with Shut-Off

part # 91574

This gooseneck design makes awkward hose connections easier to reach by moving the connection away from tight spaces. The angled design also helps reduce hose kinks at the faucet connection. The leak-free shut-off ball valve allows you to adjust flow control anywhere from off to full flow. This shut-off has a swivel hose connection for easier attachment to the hose faucet. The durable brass construction means you’ll be using our product for many years to come.

Price: $9.99

32 Mesh Irrigation Filter

part # 38741

This filter is used on the main sprinkler line before the water gets to the valves to filter debris from secondary water systems. The canister is clear so you can visually inspect the accumulated debris. The heavy-duty construction of a 100% stainless steel screen easily handles high pressure (up to 200 psi). No tools are needed to access the filter for manual cleaning.

Price: $79.00

1″ Blu-Lock Speed Saddle Tee with Barb Adapter

part # 37545

Blu-Lock is the cleanest, fastest and most reliable way to install and maintain an environmentally-friendly, professional-grade sprinkler system. With the revolutionary “push-and-go” design, simply insert Blu-Lock sprinkler pipe into fitting to create a secure, permanent, leak-free connection. No Clamping, No … Read More

Price: $3.49

Thumb Control Nozzle Dual Pack

part # 91377

This nozzle set offers a choice in spray patterns; find the right one for every task in the home and garden, from a gentle rain-like shower for gardens to a powerful jet spray perfect for clearing away debris. Thumb control lever allows a quick adjustment to the flow of water without going back to the faucet. The hand grips are insulated, not only to protect the hand from the temperature of the water, but also to provide a comfortable grip.

Price: $19.99

Zinc 5/8” – 3/4” Male Hose Mender

part # 56550

This male mender is designed to replace the attachment end of a standard garden hose. Heavy-duty metal construction protects against corrosion and extends hose life. Unique tapered design allows for easy installment with minimal effort.

Price: $4.99

3/4″ Poly Insert Coupling

part # 37214

3/4″Poly Insert Coupling for 3/4-inch poly pipe

Price: $1.99

Plastic 8-Pattern Turret Sprinkler

part # 58942

The Turret Sprinkler has 8 spray patterns to suit your watering needs. Choose from ring spray, half wedge, end strip, wedge, center circle, center strip, half circle, or cone. It is made of high-impact plastic and sits on a portable base to fit any yard contour.

Price: $5.99

5/8 In. Female Plastic Universal Mender

part # 56636

Use this mender to fix the hose faucet side of any standard hose. Extend the life of a cut or torn hose.

Price: $1.99

1″ Poly Insert Coupling

part # 37215

1″Poly Insert Coupling for 1-inch poly pipe

Price: $1.99

Iris 12-Station Sprinkler Controller

part # 27396

The Orbit 12-station Easy-Set Logic Irrigation Timer comes in a weatherproof cabinet with internal transformer for easy indoor or outdoor plug-and-go installation. Easy-Set Logic provides for headache-free programming.

Price: $99.99

Watering Tools Dual Pack

part # 56606

These front trigger nozzles are easy to use. The flow control feature, combined with the front trigger design, provides a variety of watering options. The metal construction makes these nozzles heavy duty for years of watering use.

Price: $19.99

3-Arm Plastic Rotating Sprinkler

part # 27424

The 3-Arm Revolving Sprinkler is constructed of durable plastic designed to water up to a 50 Ft. diameter. The 3 versatile arms adjust for the ideal angle, pattern, speed, and coverage control.

Price: $2.24

Port-A-Rain Above Ground Sprinkler System

part # 56441

Create an above ground sprinkler system with Orbit’s Port-A-Rain; this flexible watering system features two 12 Ft. reinforced garden hose and 3 Port-A-Rain sprinkler heads with adjustable nozzles. The nozzles are completely adjustable from 0-360° letting you put water where you need it. Designed to mimic a traditional underground system, the Port-A-Rain has a unique flow-through tee that directs the flow of water to the middle of the system allowing water to be evenly distributed to each head. The system attaches to a standard garden hose and conforms to any yard contour.

Price: $21.99
Out of Stock

Flex-Mist Adjustable Misting-Sprinkler With Flexible Memory

part # 66190

This flexible Misting Sprinkler is ideal for hanging baskets and container plants. Wrap the flexible memory tube around the supports and position the sprinkler to the right spot.

Ideal for watering Hanging Baskets and Container Plants
Flexible Memory Tube – Allows … Read More

Price: $2.29

Ultralight Sweeper Nozzle with Shut-off

part # 58361N

This sweeper had a heavy jet stream that is ideal for hard to clean areas. The shut off lever easily adjusts flow control.

Durable zinc construction
High-impact jet spray for hard-to-clean areas
Comfort grip
Shut off lever adjusts flow control

Price: $4.99

PVC-Lock Release Tool set

part # 35809

This tool is designed to easily remove recently installed PVC-Lock fittings.

Releases PVC-Lock fittings from PVC pipe
Works on 1″ and 3/4″ PVC-Lock fittings
Fittings that have been exposed to excessive water pressure and/or water hammer may be difficult to remove.

Price: $5.99

3/4″ Plastic Auto Drain Valve

part # 51241M

Plastic Automatic Drain Valves prevent damage to irrigation system due to freezing by automatically draining the sprinkler lines when the water is turned off. Automatic Drain Valves are installed at the lowest point of each sprinkler zone.

3/4″ Male Threaded
Opening pressure: … Read More

Price: $3.49

10″ Sprinkler Valve Box – Green/Black

part # 53211

Designed for use in all phases of commercial, residential, golf, and municipal landscapes. ProSeries boxes provide protection in even the most severe weather and soil conditions. Upgraded designs for 2007 include bolt down twist lid feature (10″ round), twist lock … Read More

Price: $11.49

Plastic Shut-Off Coupling

part # 58086N

The Plastic Coupling with Shut-Off operates as a shut-off valve for hose sprinklers. Use at the hose faucet connection or at the end of a sprinkler to adjust flow control from off to full flow.

Operates as a shut-off valve for … Read More

Price: $1.49

3/4″ FHT x 1/2″ Blu-Lock Adapter

part # 31969

Ideal for connecting 1/2″ Blu-Lock Tubing to an outside faucet or garden hose. This easy-to-push-on Adapter works on 1/2″ Blu-Lock tubing. Included is a unique release tab that allow for removal and reinsertion of tubing, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Use to … Read More

Price: $2.49
Out of Stock

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